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Google Acquires DoubleClick

News From Google Says :

“We have had a lot of questions about Google’s announcement of our plans to purchase DoubleClick. Our goal is, as always, to improve the relevancy and efficiency of online advertising. This acquisition is a big win for you, our publishers, as well as for advertisers and Internet users.

For those of you who are not familiar with the company, here’s some background. They have two flagship products: DoubleClick for Advertisers allows advertisers and ad agencies to traffic, serve and measure their online display campaigns; DoubleClick for Publishers provides ad inventory management.

Others of you are long time users of DoubleClick — for over ten years, they’ve been working with buyers and sellers of Internet ads to help them plan, serve and measure their Internet campaigns.

Stay tuned to this blog as we will use it to provide you with more information about our plans with DoubleClick, including ways you as an AdSense publisher can benefit from DoubleClick’s strong advertiser and agency customer base. You can continue to rely on the products and services from Google and DoubleClick as you always have. ”

Source : Google